Wisconsin Coverts Project Application (click here)

Applications are due June 15th of the workshop year.

All applications will be notified of their status by early July.

Will You Join Us?

We invite you, the woodland owner, to apply for 1 of the 25 spaces available for the annual Coverts Workshop.

We're looking for people who...

  • can find time in their busy schedules for the workshop and some outreach activities in their communities.
  • would like their woodlands to be healthy and productive.
  • care about woodlands and the wildlife that lives within them.

August 18-21, 2016 WI Coverts Project attendees:

Left to right: Jamie Nack (WI Coverts Project Coordinator), David Drake (presenter), Metro Maznio III, Jean Bennett, Anna Biermeier, Moe Sweeney, Ken Frjelich, Karen Callaway, Scott Craven (presenter), Kent Schoeni,  Jayne Schoeni, Kim Fisher, Bill Fisher, Roger Hanson, Dick Jenks, Tom King, Susan Ruedisili, Jacqueline Jones, Jerry Jones, Lon Ruedisili, Sheryl Pietkauskis, Marc Hejnosz, Bill Pietkauskis, Bruce Jaecks, Meadow Kouffeld-Hansen (Regional Wildlife Biologist, The Ruffed Grouse Society), Mike Mulcahy, Ted Sommers, Joe Mulcahy, Dwayne Hiltbrand, Mark Beilfuss, and Harvey Burt. 

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