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Forest Ecology, Landscape Ecology


Degree Institution Major Field Period/Granted
B.A. UW-Madison Anthropology/Psychology 1969-1973
M.S. UW-Madison Forest Ecology 1977-1979
Ph.D. UW-Madison Forest Ecology 1982-1985

Professional Experience

Institution Title Specialization Years
The Nature Conservancy Program Coordinator Ecological Invent 1979-1982
The Nature Conservancy Stewardship Director Ecology Research & Mgt. 1985-1988
Univ. of MN Research Associate Forest Ecology Research 1988-1994
WI DNR Forest Ecologist Forest Ecology Research 1994-1996
UW-Madison Assistant Professor Forest Ecology 1994-1998
UW-Madison Associate Professor Forest Ecology 1998-2003
UW-Madison Beers-Bascom Professor of Conservation Forest Ecology 2005-2010
UW-Madison Professor Forest Ecology 2003-pre

Honors and Awards

UW Kellet Mid-career Award 2010-2015
Beers-Bascom Professor in Conservation, UW-Madison, May 2006-2010.
Board of Senior Advisors, Landscape Ecology, 2006-present.
Romnes Faculty Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2001
Pound CALS Research Award, 1997
Editor-in-Chief, Landscape Ecology, 2001-2005
Honorary Professor, Chinese Academy of Science, 1999-present
College of Reviewers, Canadian University Research Chairs Program 2005-present.
Member, MacArthur Fellowships Nominating Committee 2007-
Nominee for President, US Landscape Ecology Association, 2005, 2006. (declined)
Grad Student Dissertation Award to V. C. Radeloff. IUFRO International Congress, Sept., 2000.
Member, Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change, Ag and Forests Work Group 2007-present.
Member, Governor’s Council on Forestry, Biomass Fuels Committee 2007-present.
Member, Pacific Forest Trust, Forest Carbon Advisory Committee 2007-present.
Member, Clean Wisconsin Climate Change Advisory Group 2007-present.

Society/Professional Memberships

Ecological Society of America
American Institute of Biological Science
Society for Conservation Biology
International Association for Landscape
Society of American Foresters
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Selected Publications

Burton, J.I., D.J. Mladenoff, M.K. Clayton, and J.A. Forrester. 2011. The roles of environmental filtering and colonization in the fine-scale spatial patterning of ground-layer plant communities in north temperate deciduous forests. Journal of Ecology 99: 764-776.

Forrester, J. A., D. J. Mladenoff, S. T. Gower, J. L. Stoffel. 2012. Interactions of temperature and moisture with respiration from coarse woody debris in experimental forest canopy gaps. Forest Ecology & Management 265: 124-132.

Liu, F., D.J. Mladenoff, N.S. Keuler, and L.S. Moore. 2011. Broadscale variability in tree data of the historical Public Land Survey and its consequences for ecological studies. Ecological Monographs 81(2): 259-275.

Muss, J.D., D.J. Mladenoff, and P.A. Townsend. 2011. A psuedo-waveform technique to assess forest structure using discrete lidar data. Remote Sensing of Environment 115: 824-835.

Scheller, R.M., D. Hua, P.V. Bolstad, R.A. Birdsey, and D.J. Mladenoff. 2011. The effects of forest harvest intensity in combination with wind disturbance on carbon dynamics in Lake States Mesic Forests. Ecological Modelling 222: 144-153.

Steen-Adams, M.M., D.J. Mladenoff, N.E. Langston, F. Liu, and J. Zhu. 2011. Influence of biophysical factors and differences in Ojibwe reservation versus Euro-American social histories on forest landscape change in northern Wisconsin, USA. Landscape Ecology 26(8): 1165-1178. 

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